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Strange situation with Anodia Lite downloads

We haven’t released any ‘numbers’ post yet because it takes some time to get all of the required statistical data and provide analysis (otherwise it’s somewhat pointless). Currently we are experiencing very strange numbers situation and we decided to share.

For some reason downloads of Anodia Lite raised a lot in the latest days and we have no idea what is the reason. Usually such situation is related to some review, holidays or mention in media, but it seems that this is not the case this time. This is affecting a lot of countries, not only the US. We checked the iTunes in the most popular countries, but there is no sign of being featured (App Annie says Anodia Lite isn’t featured too).

Here is the graph with Anodia Lite downloads from the last 3 months:

It’s needless to say, we hope it will last for a long period of time ;) . Anyone experienced such situation in the past?



I just like brick breaking games and i searched the internet and this is the best free one i have found… i guess the higher numbers are due to something which i dont know! lol, xD….. anyway, Love the game!

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