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How we organize our projects

Today I want to share a little bit information about how our projects are organized from the technical side. As a foreword I should mention that 99% of our code is written in C/C++ and we’re using Objective-C only for communication with iOS.

One of our fundamental concepts is that we should share the most of the code between our projects instead of copying it. That’s the reason why we have a separate Framework project. Every one of our games or prototypes is using this Framework and during the development we’re trying to expand it with additional features. Currently it’s responsible for game states, memory, resources (Textures, sounds and audio streams), GUI, input, social features (leader boards, achievements) and simple data storage. When we think that some part of game code is reusable, we try to make it a part of the Framework.

Framework is also working as a layer between operating system and the game code, so there is almost no platform specific code in games. Currently we’re supporting iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), OS X and Windows. System specific part of the Framework have API in C and this simplifies making it cross-platform.

Compilation of our Game for iOS looks like that:
1) compile Framework to framework.a
2) compile External Libraries to libraries.a
3) compile Game to game.a
4) copy .a files to Xcode project template that implements API, build and link it together

Xcode project may be customized by additional scripts to change project name, version, etc.

We store our projects in Git repositories. Whole building process is automated and we’re using Jenkins for continuous integration. We’re able to download latest builds from it with AdHoc distribution which is pretty great.

I think that this process works well for us and we’re going to expand it further in the future.

As a final note I just want to mention that our Framework is called Wombat ;)

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